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Hi friends,

I developed an ERP (using VB DotNet 4.0 Windows Application with backend as MySQL)
This application is using by various branches (nearly 8 branches)
Note: Its an windows application but the DB is in server - so, that all the branches will get the live data.
(I should go with web application - but my client is not willing to go with web application)

Now, My client request me to give a solution to run the application even during the time they won't have net connection.
(Receipts and invoice should not be stopped at any moment and what ever reason)
But they are ready to handle with one day old database.

So, we came to a solution as: 
Every day all branches have to download the data base from server and work with the same in local machine.
and End of every day all branches have to upload the database to server.
(Note: i have to write a module to merge all branch data while uploading in server)

Note: Currently the size of MySQL db is 70MB
(i hope if we do through coding: downloading and uploading will take long time right? )

My current idea is: 
To download:
I have to fetch all tables using "select * from tablename" and store the same in strong dataset.
and then insert tables from storng dataset into local db. and finally give option to work with local db.

To upload:
I have to fetch all tables with records having branch code using "select * from tablename where branchcode=mybranch"
and store the same in storng dataset and insert the same to server db.

Any way i feel it will be required more time to complete this process every day.

I request your valuable best suggestion to do this.
Expecting your valuable reply.


Posted by: Sheonarayan on: 5/24/2012 [Administrator] HonoraryPlatinum | Points: 25

Hi Thiru,

Instead of downloading entire db locally everyday, why not create ability to store only receipt and invoice system related tables locally and at the end of the day simply update to the main server. Keep the remaining on the central server.

While inserting the record, you can check for the availability of the internet, if not there simply save to the local system and once the net is available save those local records to the central server. You may have to maintain some kind of flag to identify which record is updated on the central server.

This is some wild idea I got, not sure if this will be useful.

I feel downloading and uploading the entire database is not the good solution.


Sheo Narayan

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