read file names from htmleditor text

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<p><img style="width: 150px" src="http://localhost:3250/EPromos/UploadedImages/28Sep2011/34479/PO_989898981111/47585.JPG" alt="" /><img style="width: 150px" src="http://localhost:3250/EPromos/UploadedImages/28Sep2011/34479/PO_989898981111/Clock.jpg" alt="" /></p><p>I am great</p><p><img style="width: 150px" src="http://localhost:3250/EPromos/UploadedImages/28Sep2011/34479/PO_989898981111/1414525%20_V1.jpg" alt="" />&nbsp;</p>

I am getting these string from my htmleditor text and I want to read the files names among this string

the above string is not static it could be dynamic

please suggest what to do !!


Posted by: Rajkatie on: 5/31/2012 [Member] [MVP] Gold | Points: 25

According to your description, i presume you wan to extract src tag from string, take a look attached text file.
 Download source file

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