What are the different kinds of animation supported by SilverLight?

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As said previously animation is all about a start value and the moving towards some new value and thus providing illusion. Silver light uses three properties for it ‘From’, ‘To’ and ‘By’. ‘From’ specifies the start of the animation and ‘To’ specifies till where the animation should run. ‘By’ is relative animation. When we specify the ‘From’ and “By’ animation progresses from the value specified by the ‘From’ property to the value specified by the sum of the ‘From’ and ‘By’ properties.

Figure :- Different kind of animations

Now again using ‘From’, ‘By’ and ‘To’ you can have linear animation or you can non-linear animation. In linear animation everything is straight forward while non-linear animation changes as per animation needs.

Figure :- Linear and Non-linear

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