How can we do database operation using SilverLight?

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Step 1:- Create the Service and Data service contract

Below is a simple customer table which has 3 fields ‘CustomerId’ which is an identity column, ‘CustomerCode’ which holds the customer code and ‘CustomerName’ which has the name of the customer. We will fire a simple select query using WCF and then display the data on the SilverLight grid.









As per the customer table specified above we need to first define the WCF data contract. Below is the customer WCF data contract.


public class clsCustomer
private string _strCustomer;
private string _strCustomerCode;

public string Customer
get { return _strCustomer; }
set { _strCustomer = value; }

public string CustomerCode
get { return _strCustomerCode; }
set { _strCustomerCode = value; }

We also need to define a WCF service contract which will be implemented by WCF concrete classes.


public interface IServiceCustomer
clsCustomer getCustomer(int intCustomer);

Step 2:- Code the WCF service

Now that we have defined the data contract and service contract it’s time to implement the service contract. We have implemented the ‘getCustomer’ function which will return the ‘clsCustomer’ datacontract. ‘getCustomer’ function makes a simple ADO.NET connection and retrieves the customer information using the ‘Select’ SQL query.

public class ServiceCustomer : IServiceCustomer

public clsCustomer getCustomer(int intCustomer)
SqlConnection objConnection = new SqlConnection();
DataSet ObjDataset = new DataSet();
SqlDataAdapter objAdapater = new SqlDataAdapter();
SqlCommand objCommand = new SqlCommand("Select * from Customer where CustomerId=" + intCustomer.ToString());
objConnection.ConnectionString = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnStr"].ToString();
objCommand.Connection = objConnection;
objAdapater.SelectCommand = objCommand;
clsCustomer objCustomer = new clsCustomer();
objCustomer.CustomerCode = ObjDataset.Tables[0].Rows[0][0].ToString();
objCustomer.Customer = ObjDataset.Tables[0].Rows[0][1].ToString();
return objCustomer;


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