What are List and Content Types in SharePoint?

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SharePoint is all about data and collaboration of the data between different types of users. When we talk about data it varies from user to user and different types of meta-data. For instance below we have four kinds of user’s project manager, accountant, security personnel and HR.

All these four users have different kind of data formats. For instance the accountant needs to save data with different data types and fields  like voucher number( 20 character string) , voucher date (MM/DD/YYYY), debit (Boolean true) , credit ( Boolean false) and amount ( Double). The security needs In-time, out-time, items carried and biometrics data.

In order to bring a flexible collaborative data model which can be further extended SharePoint brought in something called as List and Content Types. Data was visualized in terms of List data as shown below. With this approach you can add more fields and content type on a need basis.



The best part about organizing data in list is the amount of flexibility and extensibility we can bring in. Some of the flexibility a list type of approach brings in are give below :-

Different views of the list

For instance an employee list can view employee wise or date wise.

Create content from external list storage

You can take a excel and instruct SharePoint to create a list of that type.

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