Can we add custom fields to our document library documents?

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Organizations normally have 1000’s of documents and at one point of time it becomes difficult to search and organize these documents. If you see in our previous example where we had created a document library sharepoint has only given four fields. Now if you want to add a new field called as department and with this we can filter out which document belongs to which department.

To add a custom column click on settings and click on create column as shown in the below figure.

You will then be popped to specify a name for the custom column. For the current scenario we have names it as ‘DepartMent’.

Once you click ok  you can see the newly added custom column.

If you want specify data in the custom column click on the document and click edit properties menu as shown in the figure below.

You can now specify the department name.

You can now use the custom column for search and applying filters.

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