Is SharePoint workflow same as windows workflow?

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The first basic important point to note is Sharepoint workflow and windows are not different entities.
The base for sharepoint workflow is window workflow. In other words sharepoint workflow sits on the top of windows workflow and adds the human work flow flavor.
The below figure reflects the broader definition of sharepoint workflow. It takes the core windows workflow from .NET framework and then applies content centric workflow on it.
Content centric workflows are nothing but simple windows work flow attached to list, documents and custom contents.

Figure :- Content type workflow

You can visualize sharepoint workflows as windows workflow with human workflow touch and feel.
The human work flow touch and feel comes when the work flow is attached to a content type like list, document etc.

For instance let’s say we have made approve and disapprove windows work flow. You can attach this work flow
with a student content type and the human work flow for student then becomes student passed and student failed.
If the content type is invoice then approve work flow can become a invoice paid work flow and disapprove can become invoice not paid.

In other words sharepoint workflow is content centric and they depict human work flow.

Figure :- Approve and Disapprove

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