What are the different stages of SharePoint workflow life cycle?

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Sharepoint workflow cycle is very much unique to Sharepoint environment. As we said sharepoint workflow are always connected in context
with a sharepoint content like list or a document.

Figure: -Four different stages in Sharepoint workflow

There are four stage in the sharepoint workflow cycle associate, initiate, modify and complete.
Associate: - As said workflows in sharepoint are always talked in context with a content type.
So the first step is to associate a workflow with a content type like list or a document.

Initiate: - The second step is to initiate the workflow instance. Work flows are nothing but classes finally so a workflow instance
needs to be created to start the work flow in action.

Modify: - Later the workflow instance is modified as per the workflow stages.

Complete: - Finally the workflow object is terminated.

Figure : - Screen and sharepoint workflow

The web forms of share point interact with WSS who in turn then interacts with the windows work flow runtime.
The windows workflow runtime passed details to the appropriate workflow instance depending on the data passed by WSS.
The sharepoint workflow instance then runs the work flow logic and takes appropriate action accordingly.

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