What does Agile mean?

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Dictionary meaning of Agile is quick moving. Now how does that apply to software? Agile development methodology considers software as the most important entity and accepts user requirement changes. Agile advocates that we should accept changes and deliver the same in small releases. Agile accepts change as a norm and encourages constant feedback from the end user.

Figure: - Agile

Below figure shows how Agile differs in principles from traditional methodologies.

Figure: - Change of Agile thinking

• It’s not necessary to have hi-fi tools and process but a good team interaction can solve lot of problems.
• Working software is more important than documentation.
• Management should not pay attention to only customer contract rather interact with customer and analyze the requirements.
• In traditional methodologies we pledge to stick our plans but agile says “If the customer wants to change, analyze and change your plan accordingly”.

Below are principles of Agile methodology:-

• Welcome change and adapt to changing requirements
• Working software is the main measure of progress.
• Customer satisfaction is the most important thing and that can be attained by rapid, continuous delivery of useful software
• Day to day meetings between business people and development team is a must.
• Business and developers must work together. Face to face to communication is the most important thing.
• Deliver and update software regularly. In Agile we do not deliver software in one go, but rather we deliver frequently and deliver the important features first.
• Build projects around teams of motivated and trustful people.
• Design and execution should be kept simple.
• Strive for technical excellence in design and execution.
• Allow team to organize themselves.

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