On What basis can stories be prioritized?

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User story should normally be prioritized from the business importance point of view. In real scenarios this is not the only criteria. Below are some of the factors to be accounted when prioritizing user stories:-

• Prioritize by business value: - Business user assigns a value according to the business needs. There three level of ratings for business value:-
o Most important features: - With out these features the software has no meaning.
o Important features: - It’s important to have features. But if these features do not exist there are alternatives by which user can manage.
o Nice to have features: - These features are not essential features but rather it’s over the top cream for the end user.
Prioritize by risk: - This factor helps us prioritize by risk from the development angle. Risk index is assigned from 0 to 2 and are classified in three main categories :-
o Completeness
o Volatility
o Complexity

Below figure “Risk Index” shows the values and the classification accordingly.

Figure: - Risk Index

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