Can you point out simple differences between Agile and traditional SDLC?

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Below figure “Agile and Traditional SDLC” points out some of the main differences. If you have worked practically on both these you can point out more differences.

• Lengthy requirement documents are now simple and short user stories.
• Estimation unit man days and man hours are now ideal days and ideal hours respectively.
• In traditional approach we freeze the requirement and complete the full design and then start coding. But in Agile we do designing task wise. So just before the developer starts a task he does design.
• In traditional SDLC we used always hear this voice ‘After signoff nothing can be changed’, in Agile we work for the customer, so we do accept changes.
• Unit test plans are written after coding or during coding in traditional SDLC. In Agile we write unit test plans before writing the code.

Figure: - Agile and Traditional SDLC

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