Explain the elements of the .NET Framework.

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CLR (Common Language Runtime): It is a common managed environment where all the .net programs run. Supports multiple languages and has the garbage collector. .Net Framework Class Libraries: For each source code compiler (VB.NET, C#.NET, etc.), there is a minimum set of coding standards that must be met. The minimum set of coding standards that must be met to compile .NET code into MSIL code is known as CLS - Common Language Specification. The role of the Common Language Specification is to ensure that all generated code (MSIL) that meets the minimum set of coding standards can operate successfully within the .NET framework. THE CTS (Common Type System) handles conversion of programming-language data types into .NET compatible (MSIL) data types. The implicit benefit of the CTS is the reduction of development time when attempting to coordinate data types between two sets of different programming-language code. Data and XML: Support for disconnected programming model and XML. XML webservices: creating webservices for distributed architecture. Webforms: Provides support and functionality for Web based UI. Windows forms: Provides support and functionality for Windows based UI.

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What is .NET Framework?
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