The return type for ExecuteNonQuery() is ______________

 Posted by deccansoft on 8/5/2010 | Category: C# Interview questions | Views: 12822
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  1. void
  2. int
  3. String
  4. char

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Posted by: Akiii on: 6/9/2012

Posted by: Vasanthmvp on: 8/19/2012
Hi, in the below link:

they had mentioned that the return type of ExecuteNonQuery is int type, but as far as my knowledge action queries returns number of rows affected.

Could you please explain me the correct answer. (return type is void or int.)

Posted by: Kanchan.Ms on: 2/19/2013
wrong answer.
ExecuteNonQuery Return type is INT32.
for more info see the link:

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