Explain the life cycle of an ASP .NET page?

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Life cycle of ASP.Net Web Form Page Request >> Start >> Page Init >> Page Load >> Validation >> PostBack Event Handling >> Page Rendering >> Page Unload Page Request - When the page is requested ASP.Net determines whether the page is to be parsed and compiled or a cached verion of the page is to be sent without running the page.Start - Page propertied REQUEST and RESPONSE are SET, if the page is pastback request then the IsPostBack property is SET and in addition to this UICulture property is also SET.Page Initilization - In this the UniqueID of each property is SET.If the request was postback the data is not yet loaded from the viewstate.
Page Load - If it was a postback request then the data gets loaded
in the control from the ViewState and control property are set.
Validation - If any control validation present, they are performed
and IsValid property is SET for each control.
PostBack Event Handling - If it was a postback request then any
event handlers are called.
Page Rendering - Before this the viewstate is saved from the page
and RENDER method of each page is called.
Page Unload - Page is fully rendered and sent to the client(Browser)
and is discarded. Page property RESPONSE and REQUEST are unloaded.

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