How to know the different styles applied to the aspx page in ASP.NET?

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Open the website and aspx page for which you want to see the styles applied. In the menu bar , go to View -> Manage Styles -> In the Left side pane you will find Manage styles window docked. There when you click on Options, choose Show Styles used in current page. Now here it lists all the styles which are applied to current page according to 1. Green color circles representing styles applied to controls with class property initialized with style. 2. Blue color circles reperesent the HTML tags for which that style is applied. 3. Red color circle representing the id of the control for which style is applied. Using manage styles will really help us in finding out the different styles applied in a particular page. If you want to modify any style property. We need to double click on the style and then we can edit it directly in the css file. It also shows the preview of the style applied.

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