How to pass information between pages?

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Out of many choices one choice is to make use of Query String property of Request object, which allows us to pass information between pages. For example to pass information: Response.Redirect(“Newpage.aspx?Name=”+txtName.Text +”&Age=”+txtAge.Text); To Retrieve information: String name=Request.QueryString[“Name”]; String age=Request.QueryString[“Age”]; Advantages: 1. It is easy to use and is light weight. DisAdvantages: 1. It has Max length of 1or 2 kb ,so limited information can be passed. 2. It is visible in address part of the browser and hence we cannot send any sensitive information. 3. QueryString cannot be used to send ‘ &’ and ‘space’ characters. To solve this problem we have to use Server.UrlEncode. For example above code can be rewritten as: Response.Redirect(“Newpage.aspx?Name=”+Server.UrlEncode(txtName.Text )+”&Age=”+Server.UrlEncode(txtAge.Text));

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