.NET Interview questions :- How did you do unit testing in your project?

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In today’s software industry people do not just look how good you are in coding but they would like to know how good you are in processes.

This C# interview question touches one of the important aspects of SDLC processes which is “Unit testing” or you can say white box testing.

Note: - Many developers answer that they did unit testing manually. Many interviewers of bigger companies will not be pleased with this answer. The whole point about unit testing is to automate white box testing. The time you say you have done manual testing which means you have done integration testing.

There are two important testing tools which are widely used to do unit test in Microsoft technologies, first is VSTS Unit test and second is NUNIT. So if you have used one of these tools, do talk about the same. Below is a simple sample answer by a developer who has used VSTS unit test for testing.

“Our project was divided in three layers UI, BO and Data access layer. As a developer I was responsible to write unit test code on the middle layer or the business object. We used VSTS unit test suite to write our test. So for each important functions and methods of the middle layer stubs where generated   by right clicking on the middle layer functions. Inside the stub we went and put proper assert function as needed by the test”.


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