.NET and SQL Server Interview Question - What is Cross Join and in which scenario do we use Cross Join?

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CROSS JOIN: Cross join is used to return all records where each row from first table is combined with each row in second table.
  Cross join is also called as Cartesian Product join.
  The cross join does not apply any predicate to filter records from the joined table. Programmers can further filter the results of a cross join by using a WHERE clause.

For Example:-  We have following two tables.

Look at the "Product" table:

P_Id ProductName Cost
1 SimplePizza 100.00
2 CheezePizza 200.00
3 DoubleCheezePizza 300.00
4 ChickenPizza 250.00

Note that the "P_Id" column is the primary key in the "Product" table.

Next, we have the "SubProduct" table:

Sub_Id SubProductName Cost
1 Cold Drink 100.00
2 Bread 15.00

Note that the "Sub_Id" column is the primary key in the "SubProduct" table.

There are lots of scenarios where we use the cross join(permutation and combination), below are the example of hotel where customer's gets the detail of combined product and its total cost, So that it is easy to select their respective choice.

Query:- select Product.ProductName,SubProduct.SubProductName,(Product.Cost+SubProduct.Cost)as TotalCost from Product cross join SubProduct

 The output look like below:

ProductName SubProductName TotalCost
SimplePizza Coldrink 200.00
CheezePizza Coldrink 300.00
DoubleCheezePizza Coldrink 400.00
ChickenPizza Coldrink 350.00
SimplePizza Bread 115.00
CheezePizza Bread 215.00
DoubleCheezePizza Bread 315.00
ChickenPizza Bread 265.00


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it should be subproduct.cost...!!

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