SQL and .NET interview Question - What is difference between ADO and ADO.NET?

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ADO works with connected data. This means that when you access data, such as viewing and updating data, it is real-time, with a connection being used all the time. ADO.NET uses data in a disconnected fashion. When you access data, ADO.NET makes a copy of the data using XML.
ADO allows you to create client-side cursors only. ADO.NET gives you the choice of either using client-side or server-side cursors.
ADO allows you to persist records in XML format. ADO.NET allows you to manipulate your data using XML as the primary means. This is nice when you are working with other business applications and also helps when you are working with firewalls because data is passed as HTML and XML.
ADO is statefull (TCP/IP). ADO.NET is stateless (Internet).
In ADO, we have a recordset. In ADO.NET, we have both recordset and dataset.
In recordset we can only have one table. If we want to accommodate more than one tables we need to do inner join and fill the recordset. Dataset can have multiple tables.

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