SQL Server interview questions: - How can we improve SQL performance using SQL profiler?

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By using SQL profiler we can capture the load and then feed that load to SQL Server tuning advisor. Tuning advisor scans the load and then gives out index suggestions.

Below is a simple video which explains the same in depth.

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Posted by: Akiii on: 6/9/2012
Everyone should watch this video....its great !

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Posted by: Kianurieves on: 9/21/2012
The first important option which can be used for a speed optimization is the TABSQuery.RequestLive property.
If selection query is simple and involves a single table only, try to set RequestLive value to True and to False before opening a query. Some queries run faster with the RequestLive=True, others will perform much better with the RequestLive=False.

Posted by: Chakravarthi on: 9/24/2013 | Points: 10
Good Video


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