WCF interview questions: - What is WCF REST?

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Before we define WCF REST, lets define REST. REST is an architectural style built on certain principles using the current “Web” fundamentals.

It has five important principle: -

  • Everything is a resource.
  • Every resource is identified by a unique identifier
  • Use simple and uniform interfaces.
  • Communication are done by representation.
  • Be Stateless.

To implement WCF REST we need to use first enable webhttp bindings in behavior as shown in the below code snippet: -


<behavior name="NewBehavior0">
<webHttp />

We can then use WebGet or WebInvoke to ensure that our URL is invoked by using HTTP POST or GET: -


[WebGet(UriTemplate = "/Students/{id}")]
string getStudents(string id);

Also see our following video on explanation of REST: -

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