Can you give an overview of ADO.NET architecture?

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The most important section in ADO.NET architecture is “Data Provider”. Data Provider provides access to data source (SQL SERVER, ACCESS, ORACLE).In short it provides object to achieve functionalities like opening and closing connection, retrieve data, and update data. In the below figure, you can see the four main sections of a data provider:-

• Connection
• Command object (This is the responsible object to use stored procedures)
• Data Adapter (This object acts as a bridge between data store and dataset)
• Data reader (This object reads data from data store in forward only mode).
• Dataset object represents disconnected and cached data. If you see the diagram, it is not in direct connection with the data store (SQL SERVER, ORACLE etc) rather it talks with Data adapter, who is responsible for filling the dataset. Dataset can have one or more Data table and relations.

• Data View” object is used to sort and filter data in Data table.

Note:- This is one of the favorite questions in .NET. Just paste the picture in your mind and during interview try to refer that image.

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Posted by: Sangeetha Mani on: 3/9/2013
above mentioned about architecture is very much helpful for me..
Posted by: Sangeetha Mani on: 3/9/2013
can u explain more about data view and xml output?

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