What extra features does ADO.Net 2.0 have?

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Bulk Copy Operation
Bulk copying of data from a data source to another data source is a newly added feature in ADO.NET 2.0. ADO.NET inrtoduces bulk copy classes which provide fastest way to transfer\ data from once source to the other. Each ADO.NET data provider has bulk copy classes. For example, in SQL .NET data provider, the bulk copy operation is handled by SqlBulkCopy class, which can read a DataSet, DataTable, DataReader, or XML objects.

Data Paging
A new method is introduced ExecutePageReader which takes three parameters - CommandBehavior, startIndex, and pageSize. So if you want to get rows ony from 10 - 20, you can simply call this method with start index as 10 and page size as 10.

Batch Update
If you want to update large number of data on set ADO.NET 2.0 provides UpdateBatchSize property, which allows you to set number of rows to be updated in a batch. This increases the performance dramatically as round trip to the server is minimized.

Load and Save Methods
In previous version of ADO.NET, only DataSet had Load and Save methods. The Load method can load data from objects such as XML into a DataSet object and Save method saves the data to a persistent media. Now DataTable also supports these two methods. You can also load a DataReader object into a DataTable by using the Load method.

New Data Controls
In toolbox you can see three new controls - DataGridView, DataConnector, and DataNavigator.

DataReader's New Execute Methods
Some new execute methods introduced are ExecutePageReader, ExecuteResultSet, and ExecuteRow.

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