What are benefits and Limitation of using View state for state management?

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Following are the benefits of using View state: -

• No server resources are required because state is in a structure in the page code.
• Simplicity.
• States are retained automatically.
• The values in view state are hashed, compressed, and encoded, thus representing a higher state of security than hidden fields.
• View state is good for caching data in Web frame configurations because the data is cached on the client.
Following are limitation of using View state:-
• Page loading and posting performance decreases when large values are stored because view state is stored in the page.
• Although view state stores data in a hashed format, it can still be tampered because it is stored in a hidden field on the page. The information in the hidden field can also be seen if the page output source is viewed directly, creating a potential security risk.

Below is sample of storing values in view state.

this. View State ["Enter Time"] = Date Time. Now. To String();

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