What is Query String and What are benefits and limitations of using Query Strings?

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A query string is information sent to the server appended to the end of a page URL.

Following are the benefits of using query string for state management: -
• No server resources are required. The query string containing in the HTTP requests for a specific URL.
• All browsers support query strings.

Following are limitations of query string: -
• Query string data is directly visible to user thus leading to security problems.
• Most browsers and client devices impose a 255-character limit on URL length.
Below is a sample “Login” query string passed in URL http://www.querystring.com/login.asp?login=testing.
This query string data can then be requested later by using Request.QueryString(“login”).

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Posted by: Jasc on: 10/13/2011
Now Browsers support more than 255 characters. 2048

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