Can you explain Silver Light architecture?

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Before we talk about silver light architecture let’s discuss what is silver light is really made of technically. Silver light has borrowed lot of things from existing Microsoft technologies. We can think silver light plug-in as a combination of some technologies from core .NET framework, vector animations, media and JavaScript.


So we can visualize the silver light architecture as combination of some functionalities from core .NET framework , Ajax and some functionalities like animation , media etc provided by core silver light framework.
We can think silver light architecture as a combination of four important blocks:-
• Some .NET framework components: - Silver light uses some components from .NET framework. One of the main components is WPF. Many of the UI components ( check box , buttons , text boxes etc) , XAML parsing etc are taken from the core WPF system. It also has taken components like WCF to simplify data access. It also have CLR for memory management, safety checking and garbage collection. The base class libraries of Net are used for string manipulations, algorithms, expressions, collections and globalization.
• Presentation core: - The core presentation framework has functionalities to display vector 2d animations, images, media, DRM and handle inputs like mouse and keyboard.
• Other technologies: - Silver light interacts with other technologies like Ajax and javascript. So it also borrows some functionalities from there technologies.
• Hosting: - Silver light animations finally run under the browser environment. So it has a the hosting functionality which helps to host the application the browser , expose a DOM by which JavaScript can manipulate the silver light components and it also has a installer functionality which helps to install silver light application and plug-in in the browser environment.
One of the things which you can notice from the architecture diagram is that the presentation core reads from the XAML file for rendering. The XAML is a component which is a part of the .NET framework and the rendering part is done by the presentation core.

The application is a typical HTML which runs under the browser. There are markups which instantiates the silver light plug-in. Now when user interacts with the silver light application it sends event to JavaScript system or the .NET system. This depends on which programming language you are using. The program code which is either in JavaScript of .NET can make calls to the silver light run-time and achieve the necessary functionalities. XAML will be read and parsed by the silver light runtime and then rendered accordingly to the browser.


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