Which namespaces are required to enable the use of databases in ASP.NET pages?

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The following namespaces are required to enable the use of databases in ASP.NET pages:

The System.Data namespace.
The System.Data.OleDb namespace (to use any data provider, such as Access, Oracle, or SQL)
The System.Data.SQLClient namespace (specifically to use SQL as the data provider)

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Posted by: Katiepontius on: 6/1/2016 | Points: 10
According to plan execution is right al the performa focusly pointed out and none of them is but easily on way to take use of databases in ASP.NET.
Posted by: Tyler on: 8/18/2016 | Points: 10

I am using webmatrix asp.net starter site, and at the present moment i'm having a little setback. This is the problem:

I have the database, with stored user information (UserId, Email) in table UserProfile, and I want to send an email to the last registered user, but i can't seem to make it work, because i can't retrieve the email from the database.

Can you please help me?

Posted by: Sophiarose122 on: 4/27/2017 | Points: 10
Two namespaces are required to Work with database object in asp.net pages. 1-System.Data, 2-System.Data.SqlClient

Posted by: Ankit12121 on: 11/30/2017 | Points: 10
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