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Does CLR impose a strict versioning policy for the private assembly?

 Posted by Virendradugar on 11/9/2009 | Category: .NET Framework Interview questions | Views: 2544

Answer is No. Private assembly are used by the application in which they are deployed. To use private assembly in any application, one needs to deploy them in the application's directory. Versioning needs to done for shared assembly which are stored in GAC and used by multiple applications.

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Comments or Responses

Posted by: Poster on: 11/9/2009

Thank you very much Virendra, however I would suggest instead of giving one word answer, provide some description as well.

Thank would really help us to know little more about the topic.


Posted by: Virendradugar on: 11/9/2009


I have updated the answer.

Kindly check.

Posted by: Poster on: 11/10/2009

Thank you very much Virendra for explaining it.

Take Care.

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