How ASP .NET different from ASP?

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In ASP.NET Scripting is separated from the HTML, Code is compiled as a DLL,
these DLLs can be executed on the server.

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Posted by: Setahamid on: 1/21/2010 Provides Like :

Its a event-Driven .Its provides Garbage collection ,Exception handling ,User Controls,in built graphics supports...etc
Posted by: Nandakumarpb on: 8/20/2010 | Points: 10
You cannot explain this in one line or two line. ASP and ASP.NET have lot of difference.
Howmany objects where there in ASP and Howmany there is in ASP.NET(or .NET FRAME WORK)
ASP.NET is compiled rather than intepreted like ASP.Frame work BCL are is the Important one.We have to explain all these for the comparison.
Posted by: Amatya on: 2/6/2016 | Points: 10
For Basic Essential Concept of ASP .Net visit:

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