What are the different ASP.Net controls?

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The ASP.Net framework contains over 70 controls. These controls can be divided into 7 groups:

1) Standard Controls: The standard controls enables you to render standard form elements such as buttons, input fields and labels.

2) Validation Controls: The validation controls enable you to validate form data before you submit the data to the server. For example, you can use a RequiredFieldValidator control to check whether a user entered a value for a required input field.

3) Rich Controls: The Rich controls enable you to render things such as calendars, file upload buttons, rotating banner advertisements and multi-step wizards.

4) Data Controls: The data controls enable you to work with data such as database data. For example, you can use these controls to submit new records to a database table or display a list of database records.

5) Navigation Controls: The navigation controls enable you to display standard navigation elements such as menus, tree views, and bread crumb trails.

6) Login Controls: The login controls enable you to display login, change password, and registration forms.

7) HTML Controls: The HTML controls enable you to convert any HTML tag into a server-side control.

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