What a Wizard control can contain?

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A Wizard control contains one or more WizardStep controls that represent steps in the wizard. The WizardStep control supports the following properties:

AllowReturn- It enables you to prevent or allow a user to return to this step from a future step.

Name- It enables you to return the name of the WizardStep control.

StepType- It enables you to get or set the type of wizard step. In this the possible values are Auto, Complete, Finish, Start, and Step.

Title- It enables you to get or set the title of the WizardStep. The title is displayed in the wizard sidebar.

Wizard- It enables you to retrieve the Wizard control containing the WizardStep.

The WizardStep also supports the following two events:

Activate- Raised when a WizardStep becomes active.

Deactivate- Raised when another WizardStep becomes active.

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