Explain what are the different ways to globalize the web applications?

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There are three different ways to globalize the web applications:

Detect and redirect approach: In this approach the applications have lots of text file content which requires translation and few are some executable components. In this we can create a separate Web application for each supported culture present in that application and then identify the user’s culture and then redirect the request to the appropriate application.

Run-time adjustment approach: This approach is best for that kind of applications where limited amounts of content are present. For this kind of approach we can create a single Web application that detects the user’s culture and that adjusts output at run time using format specifiers and other tools.

Satellite assemblies approach: With this approach we create a single Web application which stores culture-dependent strings in resource files and that are compiled into satellite assemblies. It identifies the user’s culture and load strings from the appropriate assembly at run time. This approach is best for applications which generates content at run time or that have large executable components.

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