Explain about XML databases?

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The XML database is use to organize data irrespective of whether it is organized or not. These are used in applications such as informational portals, document exchanges, and product catalogs. This data can exported and serialized into below mentioned format. There are two different XML database class exists.

XML-enabled: This is a traditional database such as a relational database which accepts XML as input and rendering XML as output. This shows that the database does the conversion to itself. Basically this is used to store data-centric documents which include highly structured information.

Native XML: These types of databases depend on XML and uses XML documents as a storage unit. Basically this is designed to store semi-structured information, such as marketing brochures or health data and that semi-structured contained data are referred to as document-centric. It manages the documents by grouping them into a logical collection and can manage multiple collections simultaneously.

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