What is the difference between a Database Administrator and a Data Administrator?

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Database Administrator: The basic role of a Database Administrator is to store and manage the information in the database. They are responsible for reviewing the contents in the database. They are performing all the activities related to maintaining the database and responsible for designing, implementing the database. Also their responsible is to backed up data regularly and prevent from unauthorized access. They are also known as Database Coordinator or Database Programmer.

The different functionalities of a database administrator are maintaining database system software, developing physical database structures and data dictionary.

Data Administrator: The Data Administrator is responsible for defining data elements, data names and their relationship with the database analyst. The basic responsible is how to install and configure the RDBMS applications and also they have to know the requirements of the software application in terms of functions and assure the data integrity. They are also known as Data Analyst. Following are some basic steps for a Data Administrator,

• Specification of organization data.
• The design and maintenance of data management application.
• Validating the data and files.
• Security of files or databases.

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