What are the three different types of Server Control Events?

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The Server controls such as a Label, Button and Textbox each have their own sets of events that occur in response to the user requests. There are three types of server control events as mentioned below.

Postback events: This event occurs when a Web page is sent back to the server for further processing. These events effect on performance because they trigger a reverse back request to the server. A dropdown list can fire a post back if the AutoPostBack property of that dropdown list is set to true, else a cached event will fire.

Cached events: The Cache events are saved in view state of a processed page when a postback event occurs. If the AutoPostBack property is set to false then the server controls can trigger a cached event.

Validation events: These events can be enabled in configuration level or in page level. These types of events are handled on the page without any post back or caching. For security, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events that originate from the server control.

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