What is the use of Style Builder and how you can modify a style sheet using style builder?

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This is used to change the appearance of any styles in a style sheet. The changes to the style sheet will change the appearance of Web form that references that style sheet.

To modify a style sheet using style builder, you need to follow these steps:

• First open the style sheet in Visual Studio which displays the style definitions in the Document window and also in the Tool window.

• Then select the style from Tool window to modify the definition of style property which will also display in the Document window.

• When you will right click on the style definition, a menu will appear. From that menu when you will select Build Style it displays the Style Builder Wizard.

• By using Style Builder you can compose the formatting which you want to add or modify in the selected style, and then click ok.

• After completion of above steps, you will get new or modified style attributes to the style definition.

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