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How many types of triggers are there?

 Posted by Raja on 4/16/2008 | Category: Sql Server Interview questions | Views: 11526

There are four types of triggers.

1. Insert
2. Delete
3. Update
4. Instead of

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Posted by: Sampath041 on: 3/30/2009

A trigger is a database object that is Bind to a table. In many aspects it is similar to a stored procedure and are often referred to as a Special kind of stored procedure.
we have many types of triggers like
After Trigger
Multiple After Triggers
Instead of Triggers
Mixing Triggers Type
After Triggers: Triggers that run after an update, insert, or delete are called after triggers.

Multiple After Triggers:More than one trigger can be defined on a table for each Insert update delete.

Instead of triggers:
Instead of triggers fire instead of the operation that fires the trigger, so if you define an Instead of trigger on a table for the delete operation, they try to delete rows, and they will not actually get deleted(unless you issue another delete instruction from within the trigger)

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