Types of 'tables' SQL Server..?

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SQL Server provides the following types of tables that serve special purposes in a database:

-Partitioned tables

-Temporary tables
-System tables
-Wide tables

Partitioned tables:
Partitioned tables are tables whose data is horizontally divided into units which may be spread across more than one file group in a database.

Temporary tables:
Temporary tables are divided into two types,
-Local (Its visible only to their creators)
-Global (visible to any user and any connection)

System tables:
The configuration of the server and all its tables in a special set of tables known as system tables.

Wide tables:
A wide table is a table with a column set.
-Wide tables can define up to 30,000 columns.
-Applications can dynamically add and remove columns from wide tables.
-When data is added and removed from a wide table, performance can be affected.

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