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How to implement NOT IN clause in LINQ/LAMBDA Query expression?Explain with an example.

 Posted by Niladri.Biswas on 7/11/2012 | Category: C# Interview questions | Views: 7508 | Points: 40


This can be done by negating the "Contains" extension method . Example follows.

Suppose we have a person class as under

public class Person

public string PersonName { get; set; }
public string JobTitle { get; set; }

public override string ToString()
return "Person Name: " + PersonName + " JobTitle:" + JobTitle;

Then populate the Person collection as under

private static List<Person> PreparePersonCollection()

List<Person> lstPersonCollection = new List<Person>();
lstPersonCollection.Add(new Person { PersonName = "Amitav Sen", JobTitle = "Design Engineer" });
lstPersonCollection.Add(new Person { PersonName = "Bhavini Dey", JobTitle = "Software Engineer" });
lstPersonCollection.Add(new Person { PersonName = "Debasis Basu", JobTitle = "Software Engineer" });
lstPersonCollection.Add(new Person { PersonName = "Kartik Moin", JobTitle = "Lead Engineer" });
lstPersonCollection.Add(new Person { PersonName = "Shahjahan Khan", JobTitle = "Technical Lead" });

return lstPersonCollection;

Suppose we want to get the list of Person who does not has job Title as "Design Engineer", "Software Engineer".

The complete query will be as under

List<Person> source = PreparePersonCollection();

string[] strJobTitleToInclude = new string[] { "Design Engineer", "Software Engineer" };

//Linq Version

(from s in source
where !strJobTitleToInclude.Contains(s.JobTitle)
select s)
.ForEach(i => Console.WriteLine(i.ToString()));

//Lambda Version
.Where(i => !strJobTitleToInclude.Contains(i.JobTitle))
.ForEach(i => Console.WriteLine(i.ToString()));


Person Name: Kartik Moin JobTitle:Lead Engineer

Person Name: Shahjahan Khan JobTitle:Technical Lead

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