What is a private constructor? Where will you use it?

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When you declare a Constructor with Private access modifier then it is called Private Constructor. We can use the private constructor in singleton pattern.

If you declare a Constructor as private then it doesn’t allow to create object for its derived class, i.e you loose inherent facility for that class.


Class A

// some code
Private Void A()
//Private Constructor

Class B:A

B obj = new B();// will give Compilation Error

Because Class A constructor declared as private hence its accessibility limit is to that class only, Class B can't access. When we create an object for Class B that constructor will call constructor A but class B have no rights to access the Class A constructor hence we will get compilation error.

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Posted by: SurajRane on: 11/4/2009
we can use private constructor in some cases like

while designing singleton classes

here is a simple code for singleton class

public class Singelton

public int k;

private Singelton()

private static Singelton Obj = new Singelton();

public static Singelton GetSingleTonObject()
return Obj;

public void M1() { }
//Code other methods

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