What is the process of complete Campus Recruitment?

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Campus Recruitments are two types :

1. On-Campus
2. Off-Campus

1) On-Campus : We are inviting Company’s to our college campus to recruit
us is known as On-Campus.
2) Off-Campus : Company inviting us to their campus to recruit us is known
as Off-Campus.
So, now u can understand what do u meant by campus ok fine!. Then we have campus i.e., On-Campus .
Any company conduct 5 rounds that is 5 sessions, each session described below ->
Different Rounds :
PPT : Pre-Placement Talk

A. Written Test
B. Group Discussion
C. Technical Interview
D. Human Resource Interview
E. Mark lists Verification

PPT : Pre-Placement Talk
In this session they will giving u a brief introduction about their company.
1.CEO name, established in year of XXXX.
2.What they are doing presently
3.Company Goals, Turnover $
4.What is their position/rank in IT world
5.Company size (number of employee working)
6.Locations ( company sub-branches)
7.Salary and infrastructure
8.Training period
9.Bond (if it is necessary)
10.Test Pattern & Time (conditions apply)

After completion of PPT test will be commenced ….

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