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CSS 3 Which is the correct syntax to make each word in a text start with a capital letter? 01-Apr-2015 2037
HTML 5 To include a local style within an HTML tag,we use the attribute? 01-Apr-2015 1940
HTML 5 To include a external style within an HTML tag,we use the attribute? 01-Apr-2015 1643
CSS 3 The statement, <a name = "ABC"> CLICK</a>,creates a names ABC which is called as? 01-Apr-2015 2417
HTML 5 What is the correct HTML syntax for referring to an external style sheet? 02-Apr-2015 1952
CSS 3 What is the correct way to comment anything inside CSS file? 02-Apr-2015 2334
CSS 3 Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles? 28-Apr-2015 9192
CSS 3 State the different type of author styles used in CSS? 25-Apr-2015 888
HTML 5 Which tag is used to set a Horizontal Row or Line in CSS? 26-Apr-2015 1867
HTML 5 Which tag is used to set Next Line CSS? 26-Apr-2015 2093
Sql Server Which of the following statements is true concerning sub-queries in Sql Server? 25-May-2015 3469
Sql Server A UNION query is which of the following? 25-May-2015 6718
HTML 5 Target attribute is used for performing which action? 16-May-2015 2730
HTML 5 In HTML5,<output> element represents? 16-May-2015 2773
HTML 5 Web runs on which type? 16-May-2015 2727
HTML 5 Which attribute is used for opening a link in a new browser window? 16-May-2015 2530
HTML 5 In which format Graphics defined by SVG? 16-May-2015 1555
HTML 5 What are the new Form elements made available in HTML5? 16-May-2015 1314
HTML 5 What are the various elements provided by HTML 5 for media content? 16-May-2015 2782
HTML 5 For playing Audio files which tag is used? 16-May-2015 1345

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