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    Completed my MBA in Marketing from Imperial College London, and currently working as a Social Media Coordinator at My work comprises of handling our social media profiles overall, and leading the social media officers to work according to the Content Calendar I devise and the strategies I set. My work pertains to enhancing the profiles of our organization on the social media platforms, and creating an interactive customer base by sharing engaging content.

    As such, I collaborate with the Content Writers as well as the Designers to produce interactive content in the form of multimedia, blogs, articles and promotional campaigns online. Our profiles online have also helped us in reaching a wider set of audience, as a majority of the students are active on social media. Since a lot of assignment services UK based is not present on the social media platforms, we being present on the platforms gives us quite a leverage in maintaining a satisfied clientele. A large number of students are able to communicate with us and have their queries resolved. Other than that, they find it helpful that we are consistently sharing informative material which assists them in their academics as well.
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