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Lesson 1 - Understand Data Structures & Algorithms in 1 hour. 
Last updated on: 22 May 2018 12:37:00 AM by Questpond | Views: 2499 | Category: Data Structures & Algorithms
In this first lesson of Data Structures will discuss about the following agenda:- Definitions of Data Structure definition & Algorithm, ADT abstract data types, 5 main characteristics of Algorithm, Big O Notations & the importance, Link List ADT, Simple, Double & Circular, create simple Link List and so on.
Explain Big O Notation in Data Structure & Algorithms. 
Last updated on: 11 May 2018 01:11:46 AM by Questpond | Views: 1759 | Category: Data Structures & Algorithms
This tutorial will explain about the Data Structure concept "Big O Notation" & its uses step by step.