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I am currently working into performance testing with 1yr exp, and now I have decided to move to java development as I like development and coding and want to make my career in it.
The problems that I am facing in making transition are,

1. When I apply for java dev, the companies usually ask for minimum 1 yr exp, and since I have been working in performance testing since I started working I do not have hands on exp in java. Does that mean I cant even get into Core java for as a begining?

2. My ctc is around 3L, but companies find it difficult to pay me more since I will be joining as a fresher in this technology. Does that mean I will be joining as fresher and have to sacrifice my salary?

I think I am falling short of giving enough reasons for the recruiter to hire me. I am planing to do SCJP certification.

Please shed some light on this.


Sainath's Advice on Monday, May 30, 2011 :
Hi Alex,

As long as you are clear in your mind that you wish to become a Java expert, there is no problem. To get the 1st break in Java you may need to sacrifice a little bit - in salary, role,etc but this is only for a temporary period. The important thing is that once you like something it is not too difficult to excel in the area, it is only a question of time and discipline. You should be able to land an entry level job in Java post your certification, maybe even before the same if your knowledge and skills are in good shape.

No transition is easy - there is always an element of uncertainty, fear, doubt but if you take the initial steps on faith you will gradually learn to handle these things and eventually succeed.

Sainath Sherigar,

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