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Hi, I'm 2010 passed out, I got job in 2011 after 8 months of search. I worked for nearly 9 months on SharePoint and the company shutdown their services and we Juniors had to leave. I worked for 4 months as a website developer after about 2 months gap at my hometown. Later, due to health problems I was at my hometown only for 8 months. Later I came back and did JAVA course for 4 months.

Now, I got only SharePoint calls but the companies have problem to employee me because of nearly 1.2 year gap. I'm not interested to use any fake experience. I'm confused with what technology I should continue with? How to fill the gap? Please suggest me..

I have knowledge on C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint foundation, Core Java, Servelts and JSP.

I feel there are more opportunities with Java but I need experience to get interview calls. I cannot join as a fresher because I'm 2010 passed out. Please help..

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 :

The is a common dilemma nowadays.  But as long as you are confident and don't let yourself down, you will be OK.  I am not an ardent follower of any specific technology, but definitely I like some and hate some.  But at the end what matters is what market demands.

I would have like to advise you stay in touch with your core skills,, sharepoint as the next couple of months will see in rise for demand for Sharepoint professionals.

Knowing another technology like java is good, but you shouldn't be constraint with anything specific.  Java is also good because of android, as there are opportunities coming up in that area.

But go ahead and take a plunge with, mvc, sharepoint.  Revise things, as there are lof of new things.  Be confident first.  If you are confident in yourself, and are prepared to face the worst, then you can definitely grab an opportunity.  You gaps though of concern, but may not be of great detriment, in case you are honest and present your case to the interviewer.

But the thing is get more better in what you are already good at.

All the best.

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