How to create an awesome app with perfect Mobile App Designing

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The creation of Mobile App designs matters a lot when mobile app developers a developing something innovative and attractive to the customers. IF week look the market different people have used different methodologies to make perfect mobile designs, in this article we have short the best process to keep you out of hassle.
A great application is preferred by customers around the world and they are used again and again. And large applications all have one thing in common a suitable project and platform to run. Sometimes it takes some bad experiences to get the user experience on mobile devices, but sometimes it's much easier to learn from the experiences and develop better app .

Here are some experts App Design Tips to create an awesome Mobile application to satisfy customers

1- Pixel Perfect Design

In an application, every detail counts. A good design is worth every pixel. For example, this desktop icon to Duolingo app does do a good job of it brighter white glow for you. Tiny "reflection" in the eye of the white symbol Experienced Mobile application designers say in detail because of the small size does not save. The small size is a reason to pay even more attention. Creating models of desktop icons on a desktop to see if they stand out will always help.

2- Typography

Choose any font with great care and keeping in mind the consideration for a great user experience. Take your time and find the perfect separations between titles, captions and content with bold, italics and colors. And most importantly - sizes.

Experienced application designers always say that your customers can choose the font, but it is up to you to make it look good. Impress your clients, some different samples with various leading and kerning / tracking. Sometimes, when the text "does not look good," is not the writing itself, but it is the manipulation of the source. Since you have less space in an application, small adjustments can make a big difference.

3- The mobile application is not a website

Mobile App UI / UX has to be with the right approach, with mobile elements and gestures. There are standard sizes for clickable buttons and generally acceptable way to go.

Experienced application designers say that  You do not need to give way to write apps. Play the way an iPhone or Android of course works makes applications easier to use. Users are accustomed to interacting with applications such as calendar, phone, web browser and email. With the standard features in most cases, is quite good and preferred. Check Apple UI or Android UI for specific examples.

4- Design for different platforms

Remember, however, that the experience of iPhone is different from Android, not only in looks but also function. Experienced application designers say that Improve your marketing and skills through learning Android and iOS design principles design principles.

5- Navigation

As it should be easy to navigate, understand from within the application. Give examples of Apple and Google, as you do your browsing. Browse an application may or may not be aesthetically pleasing at the expense of functionality and intuitive.

Experienced application designers say: If you are with the design for applications, go to a customized version of navigation generally recognized principles. Navigation is one of the most important functions of an application and is not a place to try unconventional methods.

6- Managing Color scheme and contrast

Choosing a color scheme is one of the creative aspects of application design. Schemes of contrast and colors are fun to be beautiful, and contribute to the overall usability of the application.

Experienced application designers say: Do not use too many colors, especially in the design of a symbol and theme. Discover usage scenarios to help making your color scheme and contrast or look it up in templates and stencils to improve the project.
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