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Best Practices An introduction to Yoda Condition w.r.t. C#
Sql Server Way to convert a varchar type column is to xml type with preservation of already existing data in SQL Server
Sql Server Extract values from XML attributes and present in comma saperated values using XQuery in SQL Server
Sql Server Extracting values from XML nodes and present in comma separated values using XQuery in SQL Server
Sql Server Ways to store special character in XMl data type in SQL Server
Others Simple CRUD with NHibernate and Windows Form
ASP.NET Pass an encoded XML/HTML content in the form of Byte Array from one page to another
ASP.NET Please delete it
JavaScript How to use String.Format function of C# in Javascript and display multiple values of a resource file.
Silverlight Working with Silverlight Datagrid Control
LINQ Please delete it
Silverlight Invoke Javascript Methods from Silverlight Applications
Silverlight Invoke Silverlight Methods through Javascript
.NET Framework Task Management System(TMS)
Windows Phone Building a Calculator using WP 7.1(Mango)
LightSwitch Part 11/11:Publish LightSwitch Application as Web application and host in IIS
LightSwitch Part 10/11: Publish LightSwitch Application as Desktop application and host in local system
LightSwitch Part 9/11: Using a custom control in LightSwitch
LightSwitch Part 8/11: Rapport with External Data Source – WCF RIA Service
LightSwitch Part 7/11: Rapport with External Data Source – Database

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