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Category Codes Title
Sql Server List out the department id having at least four employees 1/30/2015 2075
Sql Server query to fetch the all the employee details who do not belong to any department 1/30/2015 461
Sql Server Find the most recently hired employee 1/30/2015 465
Sql Server Fetch the number of occurrences of ‘s’ in each employee name 1/30/2015 506
Sql Server statement to drop the column from a table 1/30/2015 489
Sql Server Display the NAME of all employees who have atleast one VOWEL in their last name. 1/30/2015 545
Sql Server Display the Student Name whose name is having the third letter as ‘A’ 1/30/2015 1987
Sql Server Configure NESTED TRIGGERS ON at server/instance level 1/30/2015 523
Sql Server SQL Server doesn't allow AFTER TRIGGER on VIEW 1/30/2015 687
Sql Server Set recursive Trigger ON/OFF 1/30/2015 595
Sql Server MSSQL 2012 - Query to convert the first character of word in the string provided as input, to upper case and remaining characters to lower case 1/30/2015 453
Sql Server changing collation at column-level 1/30/2015 450
Sql Server View the current Collation of database in SQL Server 1/30/2015 470
Sql Server search for string with lowercase ( case-sensitive search) in SQL Server 1/30/2015 621
Sql Server a query to display the last name, department number, and department name for all employees 1/30/2015 448
Sql Server query to get the student details who has got highest total marks in Half-Yearly exam 1/30/2015 661
Sql Server query to fetch the youngest student details from Class-3 1/30/2015 486
Sql Server query to get the total number of students in each class 1/30/2015 583
Sql Server Query to fetch the student details whose name ends with the character ”Z” 1/30/2015 571
Sql Server Fetching data of another server's table without using Linked Server 1/30/2015 712

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