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Category Codes Title
C# Code for finding the no. of times a character is repeated? 2/24/2014 876
VB.NET reverse of a string without using reverse function? 2/24/2014 1037
C# Code for reversing a string without using reverse function? 2/24/2014 952
jQuery Code for extracting email address from html? 2/24/2014 856
jQuery Code for preventing an hyperlink from going to its href? 2/24/2014 799
jQuery Code for triggering an event when a user presses a key? 2/24/2014 903
jQuery Code for triggering an event when an user clicks on or hovers? 2/24/2014 657
jQuery Code for loading the content without loading the total page? 2/24/2014 898
jQuery Code for a simple time counter using jquery? 2/24/2014 784
jQuery Code for adding a css class to an element? 2/24/2014 934
jQuery Code for changing the text color and background color dynamically? 2/24/2014 780
JavaScript Code for removing uderline for the link? 2/24/2014 669
JavaScript Code for creating a html div scrollbox? 2/24/2014 849
JavaScript Code for performing start count and stop count? 2/24/2014 729
JavaScript Code for having google on the page? 2/24/2014 722
JavaScript Code for refreshing the meta tags - redirecting to other page? 2/24/2014 653
JavaScript Code for making the background image stationary? 2/24/2014 677
JavaScript Code for adding color to the table border? 2/24/2014 694
JavaScript Code for adding an image to the table background? 2/24/2014 702
JavaScript Code for having an effect on sparkles around the mouse? 2/24/2014 764

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